Cisonius provides a unique solution for helping merchants integrate Bitcoin as a payment mode. By developing the world’s first Bitcoin Tablet designed to help businesses accept Bitcoin, they have made this process quicker and easier than ever. Co-Founders Brendan Duhamel & Jamie Young came to me with the goal to create a logo that felt somewhat futuristic and sleek. As with any type of currency related business, a level of trust and confidence needed to be injected into this design as well.

Creative Direction & Design:

– ORT Design Studio

Project Scope:

– Logo System

– Custom Font Development

– Typography & Color

– Brand Guidelines

Wordmark & Symbol

First and foremost, a custom wordmark was created which married a futurist and professional aesthetic. The letterforms are strong and balanced giving it a strong sense of security. A symbol was also needed for utilization in smaller instances. The C is built with a progressing path that exemplifies the customer’s process of accepting bitcoin in their stores. It works well in relation to the wordmark and at a small scale.

Custom Typeface

From the wordmark, I created a custom typeface that could be used in all media touch-points. This gives the brand a proprietary feel and sets Cisonius apart from their competition.

Small Name,

Big Game.

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